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Project List » Promoting the Romanian Participation at International Research Projects in Nuclear Physics

Promoting the Romanian Participation at International Research Projects in Nuclear Physics

Number / Date of the contract: CEX-06-237 / 01.08.2006
modul 3
Project Manager: Ioan Ursu
Partners: Politehnica University University of Bucharest
Starting date / finishing date: 2006-08-01 / 2007-12-15
Project value: 200000 RON
Abstract: The present proposal has as main objective to support the participation of prestigious Romanian institutions (IFIN-HH, University of Bucharest, “Politehnica” University Bucharest) at actions of European significance in major research directions as Nuclear Physics with Radioactive Beams and High Energy Physics. The proposed project is related to the thematic fields “Fundamental Sciences” and “Nuclear Physics” and considers, in a modern manner, one of the major directions in fundamental Nuclear Physics researches, namely the Physics of Radioactive Beams. The modern Nuclear Physics manifestsitself as a research field involving large international collaborations; the discussions on proposed projects leading to the building of the large experimental facilities, usually international experimental facilities, as well as the reports on the scientific results are presented at workshops, conferences and schools with international participation. This project has as a major goal to provide the resources for the researchers, the members of the academic staff from the two universities and to their students from the three institutions which form the present consortium for participation at such international scientific manifestations. Thr organisation, in our country, of international scientific meetings dedicated to the development of European projects in partnership is another major objective, too. The attaining of the project objectives is based, first of all, on the outstanding experience in the scientific research and on the organizing capacity of the research team formed from researchers from the Nuclear Physics Department from IFIN-HH (NPD) and members of the academic staffs from the two important Universities from our country, namely University of Bucharest (UB) and Bucharest “Politehnica” University (BPU). This experience is related to the tradition of the Nuclear Physics researches developed in our country; the value of these researches is attested by the scientific publications in this field and by the participations at the projects developed in the frame of different international collaborations. This important position at the international level obtained by the Romanian Nuclear Physics school can be sustained in the next period only by a substantial involvement in European projects in the Nuclear Physics field. At the same time, the Romanian young researchers and students must benefit from the lectures of some international schools taught by the prestigious specialists in the modern directions of the Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics fields. The realism of the proposed objectives is demonstrated by the participations at the international collaborations of the members of the research team in the frame of major projects using the most important experimental facilities in the world from these fields, collaborations following the recommended directions by NUPECC (Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee)) for the next decade for the Nuclear Physics researches in Europe. Some of them are reflected by subjects that have been financed in FP5, are financed now in FP6 – as EURONS (EUROpean Nuclear Structure research) and major European programmes FAIR and EURISOL – and, in perspective, will be financed in FP7. The achievement of the proposed objectives will improve our participation to the international collaborations and to the European projects in the Nuclear Physics with radioactive beams field.

1. The stimulation and development of the cooperation with European partners in the field of nuclear physics with radioactive beams  (2006-12-15)
2. Promoting Romanian nuclear physics research at European and international level (2007-12-15)


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