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Project List » Study of particles generation in cummlative regime in high energy interactions

Study of particles generation in cummlative regime in high energy interactions

Acronym: GECPEI
Number / Date of the contract: 2-CEx 06-11-17 / 25.07.2006
modul 1
Project Manager: Dr.Ilie Cruceru
Partners: Bucharest University,Faculty of Physics; National Institute of R&D for Lasers Physics, Radiation and Plasms
Starting date / finishing date: 2006-07-25 / 2008-11-25
Project value: 1500000 RON
Abstract: The proposed project will approache developing of technics and methodics of studing the proceses of generation of particles in cumulative gerime (mode) in nuclear accelerators (plant) in nuclear interaction at average and high energy using new detection systems (scintillator PIN photodiode systems; Resistive Plate Counter). By this technics we will put in evidence the nature of generate particle (particle identification)physics parameters of interaction and behavoir of nuclear mater in his evolution after interaction. Usingh this data will permit us to elaborate some theory about the state of nuclear matter in extrem conditions, esential in explorations of formations and evolution of the universe. The multitude of generated particles in proton interactions proces on hidrogen or deuterium targets are put in evidence to generations moment, by help of position detector make of detector elementes from this plastic scintillators complet to PIN photodiodes. The his later evolution is put in evidence with ather detection systems that RPC, godoscoape, magnetic and hadronic calorimeters, cerencow counter , etc.,wich are dispos in to 4? geometry. The experiment will be develop in cooperation with specializaled laboratoryes from JINR-Dubna, Rusia frome, using the acceerator NUCLOTRON which supply the beam with energy in the domain of 2-10 GeV, (protons, deuterons) and intensity of beam of 2.109 particles / pulse.

1. Studies and research in laboratory. (2006-11-25)
2. Elaborate new technic solution for the detector position sensitive. (2007-04-25)
3. Elaborate method and new model for investigation of proceses for cummulative generation of particles. (2007-09-25)
4. Disemination by scientific work and scientific paper of results. (2007-12-10)
5. Making of experimental model of detection elements for detection system position sensitiv. (2008-04-25)
6. Experimental tests in beam with the detection system position sensitive and verify of methodics. (2008-08-25)
7. Computation of experimental data obtined and demonstration of proposal method. (2008-11-25)


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