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Project List » Neutron Data Measurements and Evaluations for Nuclear Safety Assessment

Neutron Data Measurements and Evaluations for Nuclear Safety Assessment
Extended website: http://tandem.nipne.ro/~dante/

Acronym: DANTE
Number / Date of the contract: CEX-05-D10-48 / 07.10.2005
modul 1
Project Manager: Dr. Vlad Avrigeanu, Assoc.Prof. at Bucharest Univ.
Partners: Bucharest University, Department of Physics, Bucharest Technical University forConstructions
Starting date / finishing date: 2005-10-07 / 2008-10-03
Project value: 1500000 RON
Abstract: This proposal [http://tandem.nipne.ro/~dante/] concerns the measurement and evaluation of basic neutron nuclear data needed for the safety assessment of nuclear installations and for the feasibility study of systems for waste transmutation concepts. Nuclear safety is an important part of the long term European Union (EU) policy, and this has certainty to include the safety of nuclear installations in the candidate countries. Actually Agenda 2000 indicates nuclear safety is one of the principal questions on the way to EU enlargement, so that bringing candidate country nuclear activities up to safety levels equivalent to those in the EU is the fundamental and priority objective of co-operation in the nuclear field. The present proposal aims at preserving and developing the national knowledge achieved in the nuclear data area and to integrate the corresponding efforts into the existing European Commission (EC) FP6 and Joint Research Centre (JRC) programmes. The main topics concern the basic data for applications in nuclear safety, advanced fuel cycles and waste management strategies like transmutation, accelerator driven systems (ADS) and the possible use of the Thorium fuel cycle. The neutron data to be measured in this proposal, i.e. by a compact neutron array detector with adequate n-? discrimination technique associated with a neutron time-of-flight (TOF)-facility at IFIN-HH Tandem Accelerator, have a direct relevance to the safety of nuclear installations. Thus, the main achievement of this proposal will be integration of Romanian scientists into the EU neutron data network. While the participants to this project have been already involved in EC/JRC projects, with sound results, the work concerned by this proposal will represent a complementary instrument at national level to the other two of the EC/JRC ‘Enlargement’ action (i.e. workshops/training courses and JRC short-term job opportunities) aiming since 2003 to provide S/T support to the implementation of EU policies in the candidate countries. The above mentioned activities will be accomplished in partnership by IFIN-HH, the Faculty of Physics, Bucharest, and the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest as well as within international collaborations. Ultimately, this proposal looks for achievement of the critical mass of expertise and European added value in order to contribute successfully to suitable applications following the latest FP6 Call for proposals Euratom-2005-06 (C139/15/08.06.2005).

1. Monte Carlo determination of neutron efficiency of the neutron array detector (2005-12-15)
2. Comment on alpha-particle scattering on 112Sn and 124Sn at astrophysically relevant energies (2005-12-15)
3. Temperature dependence of the optical potential for alpha-particles at low energies (2006-03-31)
4. Monte Carlo determination of the time resolution of the neutron array detector (2006-06-30)
5. Implementation, test of modern computer codes and calculations for neutron and residue production yields in spallation reactions (2006-09-30)
6. Analysis of actual fission theory. Determination of cross section: concepts and limitations (2006-12-15)
7. Optical model potentials for alpha-particles scattering around Coulomb barrier on A~60 nuclei (2007-03-31)
8. Experimental set-up and method based on the time of flight for neutron energy determination, developed at the IFIN-HH FN Tandem (2007-06-30)
9. Coupling of the codes based on models for primary fragment formation (fission, abrasion) with an appropriate evaporation code for a large range of excitation energies (2007-08-31)
10. Dynamical single particle effects in the threshold fission cross section (2007-12-15)
11. Optical model potential for alpha-particle scattering around Coulomb barrier on heavy nuclei (2008-04-30)
12. Tests concerning the measurement of prompt neutron energy in the (p,f) process on U238 (2008-08-31)

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