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Topical researches in charm quark physics

Acronym: FQC
Number / Date of the contract: CEX-05-D11-57 / 10.10.2005
modul 1
Project Manager: Dan Pantea
Partners: Institute for Spatial Studies
Starting date / finishing date: 2005-10-10 / 2008-10-10
Project value: 1500000 RON
Abstract: The proposed project represents a fundamental research and intends to get advanced knowledge in elementary particle physics. It is a complex project, which encompasses a large area of researches in the proposed subject, following a strategy which is generally adopted in the research groups around the world:
- Continuing the researches performed in analyzing experimental data obtained at the NA50 (at CERN) and FOCUS (at Fermilab) experiments, where we are already participating. Using our working experience in the domain and the existing infrastructure, we tackle stringent problems in charm physics.
- Preparing a new experiment on the same subject (project PANDA from GSI Darmstadt), by developing the infrastructure, creating experimental prototypes according to the tasks assumed in this collaboration and developing simulations for detector optimization for the physical processes to be investigated.
The project includes various activities: statistical analysis and experimental data processing; result interpretation according to various theoretical models; research and development activities by creating experimental prototypes; developing a strong computing infrastructure, capable to process large volumes of data; and Monte Carlo simulation in order to optimize the proposal experimental setup. All these are accomplished in international partnership with European research groups. The project covers the whole research area in charm quark physics, from various of the day aspects regarding the Standard Model in the investigation of new states (pentaquarks with charm, excited states of the charm mesons), to analyzing the clues offered by the charm particle in nuclear physics regarding the creation of quark-gluonic plasma in nuclear ultrarelativistic collisions. The physics program of the PANDA project is about the spectroscopy of charmonium states, in the, by now, less explored domain over the threshold and obtaining information about the quarks’ confinement potential; the search for gluonic excited states (charm hybrids) or pure gluonic ones (glueballs); the change of charm meson properties in the nuclear environment; special problems in meson D spectroscopy (rare lepton and hadrons decays); and investigation of the CP violation in the charm quark sector.

1.  (2005-12-15)
2.  (2006-07-20)
3.  (2006-12-15)
4.  (2007-07-20)
5.  (2007-12-15)
6.  (2008-08-15)

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