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Project List » Advanced Researches in Quantum Field Theory and Gravitation

Advanced Researches in Quantum Field Theory and Gravitation

Acronym: CATCCG
Number / Date of the contract: CEEX 05-D11-49 / 07.10.2005
modul 1
Project Manager: Mihai Visinescu
Partners: University of Craiova; West University of Timisoara; INCDFLPR - Institute of Space Sciences; Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest
Starting date / finishing date: 2006-10-07 / 2008-09-20
Project value: 1500000 RON
Abstract: This project proposes the development of fundamental research in Quantum Field Theory (QFT) and Gravitation (G), subscribing to the thematic field 11 and being focused on four basic directions, pursuing the achievement of advanced knowledge in Physics.
- Direction 1 is mainly devoted to the phenomenological implications of QFT for the Standard Model (SM) of strong and electroweak interactions, with emphasis on the development of new models, methods and investigations techniques, whose declared aim is to provide an accurate testing of SM and to offer predictions on yet unknown phenomena, the so-called "new physics", beyond SM.
- Direction 2 envisages a mathematical-physics-like approach to QFT. New developments in the subject of Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin symmetry (a universal symmetry for gauge field theories) will be achieved, related to the study of interactions in models directly involved in gravitation and (integer) higher spin theories. In this context, new models will be constructed, through generating the couplings among some classes of BF models and systems of Abelian 2- and 3-forms as well as the interactions among collections of tensor fields with the mixed symmetry (2,2) and respectively (3,1).
- Direction 3 is designed for the treatment of fundamental interactions via a non-standard approach, based on QFT on noncommutative spaces, and intends to solve various problems, like decreasing the degree of divergence of some Feynman diagrams in QFT and understanding the incompatibility between gravitation and QFT due to the nonlocality of gravitation, identification of the most general conditions that must be satisfied by a nonlocal, noncommutative theory. The symmetries of theories defined on noncommutative spaces as well as new mechanisms for their spontaneous or dynamical breaking will be studied. A more precise formulation of the problem of dispersion relations in noncommutative theories, which either solves it, or indicates the structural reason for which this problem is insolvable, will be investigated.
- Direction 4 is dedicated to quantum approaches to G where, in the absence of a quantum theory of G, quantum field operators on curved spaces will be investigated in turn. QFT models on curved spaces of physical and cosmological interest, such as de Sitter, Robertson-Walker, Taub-NUT, etc., will be constructed, and the symmetries of spacetime geometries will be correlated with hidden symmetries and properties of quantum operators on such spaces.

1. Determination of the entries in the CKM matrix from the unitarity in the leptonic sector (2005-12-10)
2. Analytical methods in Quantum Chromodynamics (2006-04-01)
3. Study of Dirac-type operators (2006-08-01)
4. BF models interacting with systems of 2- and 3-forms (2006-12-01)
5. Quantum field theories on noncommutative spaces (2007-04-01)
6. Collective representations of quantum fluctuations in vacuum for bound states (2007-08-01)
7. Evolution and non-standard symmetries for the spinning particle on curved spaces (2007-12-01)
8. Interactions for the tensor fields with the mixed symmetries (2,2) and (3,1) (2008-04-01)
9.  (2008-09-20)

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