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Project List » Advanced studies on physics of information

Advanced studies on physics of information

Acronym: FIZINFO
Number / Date of the contract: CEX-05-D11-68 / 11.10.2005
modul 1
Project Manager: Aurelian Isar
Partners: University of Bucharest; "Simion Stoilow" Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy
Starting date / finishing date: 2005-10-11 / 2008-09-10
Project value: 1500000 RON
Abstract: The project proposes an interdisciplinary study of some fundamental aspects of the physical information. The discussion identifies three basic directions of interest related respectively to: (1) The intrinsic phenomenon of the physical information; (2) Carrier vectors for the information propagation; (3) Processing of the digitized information. As a consequence, we propose the investigation of three kinds of topics: (i) Fundamental quantum constraints on the physical information. (ii) Temporal optical solitons for information transport. (iii) Second generation software for efficient processing of the physical information.
(i) The reduction of the dimensions of the information carrier structures to nanostructures results in the occurrence of physical effects following from the quantum uncertainty relations and from the impossibility of taking these structures for isolated systems. The characterization of these physical effects requires the definition of proper observables and of methods of quantitative evaluation. We shall consider: the characterization of the entanglement of the Gaussian states, the role of the quantum decoherence in the transmission of the information in open quantum systems, the super-radiance of a semiconducting p-i-n nanostructure with quantum dots.
(ii) Processes of the transmission of the quantum information (generation, compression, and propagation) at large distances, with large debits and without distortions (by means of bright solitons on a continuous-wave background) will be modeled on realistic assumptions on inhomogeneous optical fiber structures.
(iii) We shall devise new computational resources required by the modeling of complex physical systems which were not possible by means of the existing ones. We shall advance new algorithms with better performances as compared to those available in the existing libraries. The effort corresponds to a real pressure on the international scientific market, especially in ab initio computations, where the progress is straightforwardly dependent on the quality of the available algorithms.

1. Study of the branch points of the Riemann surface of the S matrix pole function for two-channel model with square potentials (2005-12-15)
2. Generation, compression and propagation of soliton trains in optical fibers described by nonlinear Schroedinger equation with distributed coefficients (2006-06-10)
3. Solving the limiting value problems for the time dependent Schroedinger equation with application to the nuclear decay  (2006-12-10)
4. Quantum decoherence in open systems and its role in the transmission of quantum information (2007-06-10)
5. Inseparability measurement of Gaussian states and consequences in the theory of quantum information processing (2007-12-10)
6. Bayesian adaptive automatic quadrature rules  (2008-09-10)

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