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Software Infrastructure for the ATLAS Data Acquisition System

Number / Date of the contract: 2-CEx06-11-6 / 25.07.2006
modul 1
Project Manager: Elisabeta Badescu
Partners: Faculty of Physics - University of Bucharest; Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology - „Politehnica” University Bucharest
Starting date / finishing date: 2006-07-25 / 2008-10-30
Project value: 1055000 RON
Abstract: The ATLAS experiment is one of the four experiments at the LHC particle accelerator that is being built at CERN and is scheduled to start datataking in 2007, studying proton-proton collisions at 14 TeV. Its main goals are precision tests of the Standard Model and the discovery of new physics signatures beyond the Standard Model.
This project proposal concentrates the efforts of three research groups (National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering Horia Hulubei - NIPNE, Faculty of Physics - University of Bucharest and Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology - „Politehnica” University Bucharest) in a coherent action to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the CEEX research and development programme aiming the increase of the Romanian research and development system capability (for both research institutes and universities) by gaining high level experience within on top international scientific collaborations and focusing on integration of the Europe research resources on specific themes that are strategically important for Europe’s research policy in the future. Besides, this project contributes to the integration of the young scientists and students in the high level research activity.
The NIPNE team has responsibilities (as it is specified in the two MoU’s of the ATLAS Collaboration) in the software development for the following components of the Online Software system within the ATLAS Data Acquisition System: Information Service, Message Reporting System, Integrated Graphical User Interface, Integration package and Training package. Besides, they are involved also in the functionality release testing (pre-release testing, release testing for downloaded at NIPNE and CERN /afs versions), performance and scalability tests and system integration activities, test beam support activities and DAQ installation and commissioning. The goals of the „Politehnica” University team for this project are to develop a reliable infrastructure for the deployment and operation of the TDAQ system. They aim at completing the infrastructure network design, take part in its installation and commissioning, and also provide efficient operational network monitoring. Furthermore, they plan to provide tools for an efficient management of large computer farms and for a flexible user access control to the TDAQ system resources. The integration of the components in the system testing is done by a group containing the people more or less involved in the development of the components of the Online Software. The functionality tests for the Training package, dedicated to the people outside the Online Software group will be performed by the students of the Informatics Physics section of the Faculty of Physics.
Although the present project is basically related to the 11-Basic sciences mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and 10-Nuclear physics, thematic areas of the FP7 Programme, there is a strong connection to the 3.1.4-Software, Grids, security and dependability thematic area of the same programme.

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