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Project List » Search for new physics in ATLAS Experiment from LHC using ATLAS-GRID software environment.

Search for new physics in ATLAS Experiment from LHC using ATLAS-GRID software environment.

Number / Date of the contract: CEX-05-D11-58 / 10.10.2005
modul 1
Project Manager: Calin Alexa
Partners: INCDTIM Cluj
Starting date / finishing date: 2005-10-10 / 2008-09-30
Project value: 1400000 RON
Abstract: This project is a fundamental research in particle physics phenomenology using advanced methods in computing and data analysis belongs to both 11 and 3.1.4 research activities.
The project is investigating ATLAS discovery potential for new physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics, using distributed analysis systems.
In 2007, LHC accelerator will start taking data. LHC will collide protons at the highest energy ?s=14TeV and luminosity L=1034 cm-2s-1 among all the other accelerators. Due to these performances, high precision measurements will be possible, comparisons between the Standard Model (SM) predictions and beyond the SM calculations will be accessible, any deviation from SM results means new physics.
To fulfil these requirements a high performance distributed computing system is needed. GRID technology is able to connect an unlimited number of computer systems and to distribute the tasks among all the connected nodes.
In this project we propose an extension of IFIN-HH ATLAS-GRID facilities to a new centre that will be built in INCDTIM Cluj in order to have more analysis power for physics processes that we want to study in proton-proton collisions in ATLAS experiment at LHC.

1.  (2005-12-15)
2.  (2006-12-15)
3.  (2007-12-15)
4.  (2008-09-30)


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