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Project List » Physics of Nuclear Interactions and Hadronic Matter Phases: new results, R&D activities, applications

Physics of Nuclear Interactions and Hadronic Matter Phases: new results, R&D activities, applications

Acronym: NIHAM
Number / Date of the contract: CEX-05-D11-37 / 05.10.2005
modul 1
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Mihai Petrovici
Partners: Bucharest University - Faculty of Physics; Technical University of Bucharest - Faculty of Computers
Starting date / finishing date: 2005-10-05 / 2008-08-31
Project value: 1500000 RON
Abstract: There is a continously effort nowadays in structuring and directing the nuclear physics research at European level. A network of complementary large scale facilities gathers groups of physicists from all the countries in a common effort of exploiting the present facilities and building the future ones. At the same time efforts are done to enhance the role of science and particularly physics, in rising the technological level all over Europe within the FP6 and future FP7. On the road to European integration the Romanian research is considered to play a leading role. The present Project aims to be such an example. Following the long experience in the field, new results in modern topics like isospin and dynamical effects in heavy ion collisions from low to ultrarelativistic energies, nuclear structure of exotic nuclei, unified disintegration theory, new phases of matter are expected to be obtained by our group. Based on long expertise in the nuclear physics research, design and building of advanced detection systems, our group will continue to bring its contribution to the construction of complex detectors (high counting rate TRD) dedicated to future ambitious experiments at new large scale facilities and to research networks, e.g. CBM and NUSTAR at FAIR. The integration and contribution on equal footing in large collaborations will be made possible by developing our distributed computing network of GRID type, with a direct impact on the implementation of this technology all over the country. Our achievements in detectors design and building will allow to investigate the possibility to transfer know-how to the benefit of society, namely the Positron Emission Tomography application we are involved in. Long experience in modeling and computation in nuclear physics allows us to become data evaluators in the world-wide attempt to use the Th-cycle application for reactors. The Project unifies the efforts of three groups from: our institute-IFIN-HH, the Faculty of Physics - Bucharest University and Faculty of Computers Technical University of Bucharest in a coherent action to contribute to the progress of the field. Although the present Project is basically related to the 11.Basic sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology thematic area it is worth to emphasize its relation to the other thematic areas of the CEEX Program in connection with FP6 and recently launched FP7: 3.1.2 Ubiquitous and unlimited capacity communication networks; 3.1.1 Nano-electronics, photonics and integrated micro-nano/systems; 1.Health: 1.1.2 detection, diagnosis and monitoring with emphasis on non-invasive or minimally invasive approaches; 10. Nuclear Physics: fusion, fission, other.

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