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Project List » The study of the complex physical phenomena through methods of distributed high-performance computing

The study of the complex physical phenomena through methods of distributed high-performance computing

Acronym: COMCIP
Number / Date of the contract: CEx05-D11-67 / 11.10.2005
modul 1
Project Manager: Dr. Florin Buzatu
Partners: Institute for Space Sciences - INFLPR, University of Bucharest, O.A.O.I.C.D. RoEduNet
Starting date / finishing date: 2005-10-20 / 2008-07-31
Project value: 1.500.000 RON
Abstract: The strategic objective of the COMCIP project is to support the far-reaching European and international reaserch projects which are developed at the Magurele campus in top fields, in which the complexity of the systems and of the physical phenomena require advanced resources and computing methods for intense numerical simulations: elementary particle physics, relativistic nuclear physics, the physics of the nanostructures and of the complex materials, and decision support systems for radiologic emergencies. In this respect, the IT infrastructure of the partners from the Magurele campus is first modernized, through the endowement with performant computing equipment and the connection of the local network to RoEduNet through a high-speed link. Then the infrastructure is used in order to participate to the LCG collaboration (with CERN), and for the realization of the following studies: 1) The simulation and the global analysis of the Pb-Pb events and the proton-proton interaction within ALICE through the codes FLUKA, GEANT3, and GEANT4; 2) The study of the high excited and dense nuclear matter behavior within symmetrical and asymmetrical collisions at the energies available within RHIC-BNL; 3) Comparative study of the simulation of the ATLAS detector’s response through the complete (GEANT4) and fast (Atlfast) methods; 4) Monte-Carlo simulations for desintegration processes in the LHCb experiment; 5) Contributions to the understanding of the physical mechanism that leads to the spiral folding of the proteins molecules; 6) The characterization of the chemical and physical properties of composite clusters and nanostructures; 7) IT decision support systems for the improvement of the online response capacity in case of radiological emergencies.

1.  (2015-12-05)
2.  (2015-12-06)
3.  (2028-09-07)
4.  (2015-12-07)
5.  (2018-07-08)


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