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Project List » Spatial and spatio-temporal optical solitons

Spatial and spatio-temporal optical solitons

Acronym: SPASOL
Number / Date of the contract: CEX-05-D11-26/1/ / 15.10.2005
modul 1
Project Manager: Dumitru Mihalache
Partners: National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics; National Institute for Optoelectronics (INOE 2000), Bucharest
Starting date / finishing date: 2005-10-15 / 2008-10-03
Project value: 1468500 RON
Abstract: The study of spatial and spatio-temporal optical solitons, that are localized physical objects, is at the core of a fascinating domain of Nonlinear Science, in which many nonlinear problems of physics, chemistry and biology can be modeled. The Nonlinear Optics, a very active research field in both Optics and Nonlinear Science, has a tremendeous potential for applications in all-optical communications based on photonic integrated devices. The authors of the present proposal have a remarkable scientific contribution to this specific domain. Their results have been published in the most prestigious Physics Journals, and have been cited more than 1500 times in ISI journals. They actively participate to important international colaborations, including a Network of Excellence of the European Union. The main objectives of the project are: - the obtaining of new advanced knowledge in the generation and characterization of spatial and spatio-temporal solitons in nonlinear optical media and of associated nonlinear processes, which will continue and will consolidate our international status in this domain; - the study and realization of soliton waveguides with optimal profile for laser beam propagation; - the study of soliton arrays and of their photonic functionality; - the set-up of an experimental platform to study spatial solitons, nonlinear materials and photonic devices based on spatial and spatio-temporal solitons. In the project we propose new ways to generate and to characterize spatial and spatio-temporal solitons for light guided by light and for new sources of optical information bits with maximum spatial and temporal confinement. Of all possible means to obtain an optical waveguide, the soliton waveguide is the best way to induce single mode optical interconnections. The soliton waveguide has a refractive index profile optimized for the best possible propagation of laser beams, in comparison with the waveguides obtained by other technologies (chemical or photochemical ones). This project will allow us to bring forward our studies of excellence to results that should enable new breakthroughs in the Information Society’s Technologies (optical information processing based on maximum bit confinement down to the fundamental principles of physics’ permitted frontiers). Moreover, the procedures to realize soliton waveguides could become of low costs by using cheap light sources (laser diodes or even LEDs). This denote another project’s key point: results that can optimize the producing technologies of photonic devices at low costs, that being in accordance with a specific objective of PC6 and PC7 European Union programmes. These photonic devices can solve many important practical problems: ultra-fast adaptive interconnections that could be induced or erased on demand, coupling between arrays of diodes and optical fibres, optical memories in fibres and waveguides, new types of photonic crystals etc. We consider that this project can concentrate a main task force in Romania in order to reach high level scientific objectives in nonlinear and information optics that will raise our experience, will increase the number of young researchers with strong scientific education as well as the international recognition of Romanian Science, both in the European Research Area, in the Frame Programmes of the European Union and worldwide.

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