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Project List » Extension of the ACTIVA-N Lab Accreditation to Attain the European Level of Excellency in Characterising Materials Used in Special Fields (Industry), Medicine, Control of the Environmental Pollution

Extension of the ACTIVA-N Lab Accreditation to Attain the European Level of Excellency in Characterising Materials Used in Special Fields (Industry), Medicine, Control of the Environmental Pollution

Acronym: Nuclear - Excell
Number / Date of the contract: CEEX-277 / 15.08.2006
modul 4
Project Manager: Dr. Emanuela Cincu
Partners: -
Starting date / finishing date: 2006-08-15 / 2008-02-15
Project value: 800000 RON
Abstract: The project aims to realize a high-level nuclear analytical Laboratory for material characterisation by nuclear analytical techniques at the level of expertise obtained in similar Laboratories from the EU.
The ‚ACTIVA-N’ Laboratory has been accredited by RENAR (Certificate No. 275-L/May 2004) based on the RENAR and on the international Audit /expertise (supported by IAEA, within the frame of the Regional Project RER 002/004) in the fields of (1) activity evaluation by Gamma-ray Spectrometry (Gama-Spec) technique, and (2) of elemental analysis of stainless steels materials and other metallic alloys by the nuclear INAA technique based on neutron activation in the nuclear reactor.
The performance of our results was evaluated as recommended by international Standards1; in this sense, we took part in 2004 in the international Inter-Laboratory Comparison exercise organized by Nuclear Physical Laboratory (UK) for evaluating radionuclide activities in an environmental (aqueous) radioactive sample by Gama-Spec technique, and in 2005 in the International Proficiency Test Exercise organized by the Swedish Institute for Corrosion & Metal Research (SIMR/KIMAB) for elemental characterisation of a stainless steel material. In both cases we obtained excellent results.
The project objective will be accomplished by three ways: a/ by acquisition of high performance equipments for gamma-ray spectroscopy, and –respectively – by acquisition of an OES (Optical Emission) Spectrometer for elemental analysis of metallic alloys, which is widely used in the EU laboratories; b/by extending the field of applications, that is: the control of the radioactive pollution in environmental samples (liquids and soil, in laboratory and in situ), the control of the radioactive mate-rials (iron and/or other alloys) for export or/and import and elemental characterisation of biomaterials employed in dental clinics by using the INAA and OES techniques; c/ by elaboration of a combined analytical method of lower uncertainty.
All applications correspond to several Thematic Areas (S/T) and European Technology Platforms (control of environment, health & water, developments in industry/ Steel and innovative medicine) and to fields regulated by official national transposed EU Directives, or to European Directives in course to be adapted; they are also making part from the fields of interest listed by the National Strategy for the period 2007 -2013.
The Accreditation extension envisages to validate performance obtained in all mentioned applications.
*Standard ISO/IEC Guide 43-1:1997, “Proficiency testing by Interlaboratory Comparisons – Part 1: Development and opera-tion of proficiency testing schemes”. . Standard ISO 13 528:2005 “Statistical methods for use in proficiency testing by Interlaboratory Comparisons”, Geneva, Switzerland (2005). ISO/IEC/ EN 17 025: 2005 Standard “General requirements for the competence of calibration and testing laboratories”, ISO, Geneva, Switzerland.

1. Testing of Lab. performance for its specific applications, according to the European requirements (2006-12-30)
2. Acquisition of equipments for extending the activity fields and performance of the "ACTIVA-N" Laboratory, according to the ISO international standards (2007-09-30)
3. Performing experiments for calibration and elaboration of analytical methods for use of the new equipments. Deposition of the Accreditation extension file (2007-12-31)
4. Verifications/ Audit by RENAR in view of getting the Laboratory Certificate for Extended Accreditation (2008-02-15)


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