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Project List » Markers implant for determining erosion and deposition effects on PFCs used in the first phase of the WEST PROJECT - CEA

Markers implant for determining erosion and deposition effects on PFCs used in the first phase of the WEST PROJECT - CEA

Number / Date of the contract: C4-12 / 2014-07-01
Capacitati Modul III
Project Manager: Catalin Stan-Sion (Ro); Eric Gautier (Fr)
Partners: CEA Cadarache, DSM, IRFM
Starting date / finishing date: 2014-07-01 / 2016-06-30
Project value: 540000 RON
Abstract: Tore Supra is a circular plasma device with a toroidal limiter with a main goal to be equip with an actively cooled tungsten divertor. To emphasize that the divertor is a key component in a Tokamak fusion reactor which faces the largest part of the heat and particle fluxes coming from the core plasma during experiments and maintains the thermal equilibrium of the plasma discharge. One main objective of WEST will be to study the ITER baseline H mode over long periods of time, by tackling in particular the problem of controlling the contamination of the plasma caused by tungsten. For this purpose, the characterization of deuterium retention in tungsten materials represents and important research task together with the characterization of erosion and deposition effects on the PFCs of the tokamak reactor. In our project proposal, erosion/deposition values will be measured quantitatively by use of energetic implanting of depth markers into specialized testing samples that can be afterwards mounted onto the PFCs. The remnant length of the marker or its depth positioning will reveal the erosion or deposition of material. The measurement of deuterium retention will be performed by use of a method for concentration depth profiling based Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS).

1. Testing of different ion species for producing depth markers in tungsten. Optimization of accelerator implants conditions (2014-11-30)
2. Implant of different markers in the provided samples from CEA-France (2015-11-30)
3. Experimental upgrading and testes of the AMS facility to measure quantitatively the deuterium content in tungsten substrates (2016-06-30)


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