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Acronym: NAFRO
Number / Date of the contract: 06/FAIR-RO /
Project Manager: Livius Trache
Starting date / finishing date: 2020-11-16 / 2023-12-31
Project value: 1800000 RON
Abstract: This is the Nuclear Astrophysics proposal in the FAIR-RO subprogram that supports the preparation of Romanian teams for current and future work at the international facility FAIR. Romania is a founding member of FAIR and IFIN-HH the main local contributor. It integrates two directions of activity of several scientists from the Department of Nuclear Physics (DFN) and one from the Department of Theoretical Physics (DFT). It follows and expands the work done before under the project NAIRIB in 2016-2019, mostly experimental, with an important addition of a new direction. The two directions now are:
  • Nuclear Physics for Astrophysics (NPA), mostly experimental, carried out by the members of the Nuclear Astrophysics Group (NAG), with theoretical support from DFT.
  • Study of the EoS of hot stellar matter.

  • The results of NAIRIB in the preparation of methods, equipment and the education and formation of the young members of NAG will be used at FAIR. The most important objective of this proposal is to integrate our activities and scientific interests with those of the larger FAIR community. The project will, first and foremost, increase the contacts of the whole group with the FAIR environment: topics, groups, people, installations. We propose to be active in the programs of Phase 0, taking active part in experiments in all aspects, according to the manpower and competences we have.
    The experimentalists plan to join existing experiments or propose new ones for the study of nuclear reactions that are relevant in the description and understanding of the origin of the elements in the Universe and of stellar evolution. At this point NAG envisions the use of indirect methods for this purpose. Two methods are planned and decribed in the proposal:
  • Use of Coulomb Dissociation (CD) for the study of radiative capture of charged particles in stars. We want to use our experience in nuclear and CD of proton-rich nuclei (at GANIL and RIKEN) used for radiative proton capture to the existing Phase 0 proposal S494 to study the CD of 16O into 12C and 4He, with the intention to extract the cross section for the very important NA reaction 12C(α,γ)16O at relative energies below 1 MeV, which is the current state-of-the-art.
  • Use the beta-delayed alpha-decay of 16N to study the same reaction through a complementary method. Here we rely on the use of a special detector ASTROBOX2E we have developed and tested on beta-delayed proton-decay of several proton-rich nuclei.

  • Additionally, in the context of rapidly growing multi-messenger astrophysics we aim to construct a series of finite temperature equations of state for dense matter, relevant in the study of hot stellar objects (core collapse supernovae, proto-neutron stars, binary neutron star mergers) and investigate the interplay between various parameters of the equation of state of homogeneous nuclear matter and structure and thermodynamic properties of hot stars. Special attention will be devoted to the stability against collapse to black hole of proto-neutron stars and hypermassive neutron star merger remnants. Effective interaction potentials derived within various baryonic matter approaches will be considered and different hypothesis on the particle degrees of freedom will be made. We shall consider the extend in which the baryonic ecuation of state may be constrainted at high values of isoscalar and isovector densities by astrophysical and nuclear laboratory measurements.
    We join the R3B and Super-FRS collaborations and EMMI for work on this proposal.

    1. Integration in FAIR (2020-12-31)
    2. Experiments at FAIR Phase 0 / Simulation code AB2 / Workshops (2021-12-31)
    3. Propunere exp. 16N / Cod EoS hot stellar matter (2022-12-31)
    4. Experiments at FAIR / Code static properties of neutron stars (2023-12-31)

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