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Project List » Researches on the behavior of classical and quantum anharmonic solids with applications in nanophysics

Researches on the behavior of classical and quantum anharmonic solids with applications in nanophysics

Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: ID-953 / 05.05.2009
Project Manager: Victor Barsan
Starting date / finishing date: 2009-05-05 / 2011-12-30
Project value: 1.000.000 RON
Abstract: Starting from the exact expression of the partition sum, recently obtained for a model of anharmonic solid, we shall be able to describe its macroscopic behavior. The model under scrutiny consists of a lattice of quartic oscillators, coupled with elastic forces, and is very important for phase transitions in solids, especially in structural and ferroelectric phase transitions. We shall obtain the specific heat, susceptibility, main correlation functions and critical indices, for such an anharmonic solid, in 1-, 2- and 3D. For 2D, these quantities can be also obtained for a model with next-near-neighbor interactions. Such results have application in the theory of emulsions. Using the transfer matrix method, we shall study the quantum phase transitions in 1- and 2D systems of quantum oscillators with quartic anharmonicities. We shall study the finite-size effects for atomic chains and ultra-thin films, with applications in nanophysics. As the anharmonic solid under scrutiny and the Ising model belong to the same universality class, we shall be able to evaluate the critical index alpha of the 3D Ising model. The project combines investigations of great interest for nanophysics, concerning mainly atomic chains and ultra-thin dielectric films, with researches of utmost fundamental importance, as the critical behavior of some 3D realistic models, including Ising.


1. Study of the 1D classical anharmonic solid (2009-09-15)
2. Study of the 2D anharmonic solid (2009-12-15)
3. (1) Study of the quantum phase transition in a quantum 1D solid; (2) Study of the classical 2D anharmonic solid with next-near-neighbor interaction (2) (2010-10-15)
4. (1) Study of the quantum anharmonic chain with next-near-neighbor interaction; (2) Study of the 3D classical anharmonic solid; (3) Study of the 2D quantum anharmonic solid (2011-10-15)

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