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Project List » Study of the competition between normal and intruder configurations in nuclei at the border of the Island of Inversion at N=20

Study of the competition between normal and intruder configurations in nuclei at the border of the Island of Inversion at N=20

Acronym: INVISO
Contracting Authority: Unitatea Executiva pentru Finantarea Invatamantului Superior, a Cercetarii, Dezvoltarii si Inovarii (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 314 / 2015-10-01
Resurse Umane
Project Manager: Florin Rotaru
Starting date / finishing date: 2015-10-01 / 2017-09-30
Project value: 550000 RON
Abstract: Deformation and shape coexistence have been an important topic in the nuclear structure field for more than five decades now. Since then an increasing flow of experimental evidence proved the robustness of the magic shell closures around the stability line, and revealed their collapse and/or the development of new ones while venturing into the exotic regions of the nuclear chart, the Islands of Inversion being a particular manifestation of such phenomena. The two experiments described in this project will be performed at ISOLDE/CERN; the first one is aiming at providing a first level scheme for 34Al and new information on 34Si by means of sequential beta-delayed n-gamma spectroscopy of 34Mg. The second one will order the 1+ and 4- states of 34Al by measuring their mass, thus placing this nucleus inside or outside the island of inversion at N=20. The objectives of the project are aspects that were either not addressed before, or that remained open questions so far. These results are key ingredients for the theoretical models in the attempt of quantitative understanding of the mechanisms of the N=20 magicity disappearance and the evolution of the deformations, shape coexistence and configurations mixing in the ground and excited states.

- Buildup of 34Al level scheme in the beta-decay of 34Mg, and the determination with a better accuracy of the 2(1)+ state branching ratio in 34Si.
- Determination of the relative positions of the 1+ and 4- states in 34Al; discovery of new low-spin high-energy excited states in 34Si.
- Extraction of new information concerning the shell closure evolution from the beta-stability line towards the Island of Inversion.

1. Performing the gamma spectroscopy experiment in the beta-decay of 34Mg and 34Al to study / characterize excited states of 34Al and 34Si respectively (2015-12-15)
2. Performing the mass measurement experiment for the 1+ and 4- states in 34Al in order to determine their ordering in this nucleus. Analysis of the experimental data acquired in the 34Mg beta-decay experiment (2016-12-15)
3. Finishing the data analysis of the two experiments. Shell model calculations carried out for the interpretation of the experimental results (2017-09-30)

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