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Project List » Complex multi-detector system for fundamental and applicative studies in nuclear spectroscopy

Complex multi-detector system for fundamental and applicative studies in nuclear spectroscopy

Acronym: SMUD
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 67CP/I / 14.09.2007
Project Manager: Dr. Nicolae Victor ZAMFIR
Starting date / finishing date: 2007-09-14 / 2007-09-14
Project value: 2000000 RON
The present project proposal (SMUD) proposes major modernization of the Gamma Spectroscopy Laboratory from the Tandem – Nuclear Physics Department of NIPNE-HH, by realizing an investment which consists in setting a multi detector system which will permit high efficiency coincidence measuring of the gamma radiation emitted in nuclear processes.
The motivation of this project proposal has the following body parts: (i) it is of “national interest” that the best nuclear spectroscopy National Laboratory in Romania (TANDEM Laboratory from NIPNE-HH) to be equipped with devices at the international standard; (ii) over 30 years tradition in gamma radiation spectroscopy field of the research team; (iii) remarkable international prestige gained by the research project members due to publicized special results in the most famous publications (see scientific work lists of the project team members); (iv) after Romania’s integration in European structures, it appeared a stringent necessity of competitive Romanian research with methods and state of the art equipment; (v) attracting in Romania the European research funds by participating with success at the organized European Commission project competitions (within the Framework Programs).
TANDEM accelerator is a National Interest Nuclear Facility (NINF) recognized and financed for maintenance and exploitation by the Romanian Government. In order for this unique NINF to run properly it is absolutely essential that afferent laboratories which use beams from the accelerator would be well equipped. We pursue this goal by initiating following project, for the particular case of the gamma radiation spectroscopy laboratory.
The proposed project subscribes in the “Basic Science – Nuclear Physics” themes area from the R&D priority fields, developing a new research infrastructure in nuclear physics, and in the same time contributing decisively to intensification of the usage degree of some existing experimental tools.
Project results will be summarized in building a state of the art gamma spectroscopy experimental facility, capable to sustain various research themes in fundamental and applicative nuclear physics. Multi-detector experimental system which we want to build within this project will consist in 12 HPGe detectors (Hyper Pure Germanium), having the possibility to add supplementary scintillation and particle detectors. Support systems that will be mentioned as follows, consists in an automatic liquid nitrogen filling system, and a crystalline lattice thermal annealing of the GeHP detectors, for assuring stable functioning at the optimal parameters for a long period of time. Project that we propose aims next 3 main objectives:
1. Modernizing the existing laboratory infrastructure by building a stable multi-detector system having world level technical performances, for measuring gamma radiations in multiple coincidences at the TANDEM accelerator from IFIN-HH.
2. Designing and building of an automated liquid nitrogen filling system for the high resolution detectors used in gamma spectroscopy experiments.
3. Designing and building of a GeHP detectors annealing system for fixing the damage in the Ge crystals due to neutron interactions (rapid neutrons, with energies of MeV order, appear in most of the nuclear interactions produced at TANDEM accelerator).
*D. Bucurescu, Gh. Cata-Danil, N.V. Zamfir, Bucharest Tandem Van de Graaff Accelerator
Nuclear Physics News International, vol. 17, No.1, 2007


1. Realizing and testing the liquid nitrogen filling system and realizing and testing the data acquisition and signal processing system for the radiation detectors (2008-05-15)
2. Realization and testing the annealing system for the radiation detectors (2009-12-01)
3. Realization of a test experiment with the developed multi-detection system and data acquisition system (2009-09-14)


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