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Acronym: FRFP
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 253 / 01.10.2007
Project Manager: Dr. Cornelia COCA
Starting date / finishing date: 2007-10-01 / 2010-09-30
Project value: 1.000.000 RON
Abstract: The main goal of the present and near future experiments in particle physics consists in finding the Higgs particle (responsible for generation of particle’s masses) and makes precise measurements of CP violation and rare events. In this contest each K- and B- sector provides an independent test of the Standard Model - the most simple and successful theory which can so far describe the world of elementary particles.
The rare K and B decay processes induced by Flavor Changing Neutral Currents (FCNC) b->s,d play an important role in the study of weak decays and in verifying the Standard Model. These decays provide quantitative information on the CKM matrix-elements Vtd, Vts, and Vtb When combined with other available CKM matrix-elements information, precision tests of the Standard Model can be made. Many answers could be given by measurements at the present accelerators (SPS CERN), at Large Hadron Collider which will start running by the end of 2007 and at the International Linear Collider(ILC)- presently being designed in an emerging worldwide collaboration. Through this project we aim to contribute, by one part to simulation studies for detectors under studies for experiment under construction (as the NA 48/3 CERN experiment which aims to measure the ultra-rare kaon decay K+ →π+nu nu at the CERN SPS with the principal goal to measure the branching ratio and the magnitude of the CKM matrix element Vtd as well as the participation in the ILC programe , Fcal project which develop detectors to be used for the instrumentation of the very forward region of the ILC,) and, on the other part to contribute to the analysis of the first data taken at the LHC with the LHCb detector.
Studies need huge computer simulation data. These allow particle physicists to predict the behavior of particles in the detector and to optimize it. Later on the simulation is used to compare the data to the expectation.
In order to achieve all the physics program we propose to develop the local computing capacity and install all the necessary infrastructure and special software packages for data processing, in a distributed multi-tier regional centers manner


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