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Project List » Heavy ions multinucleonic transfer reaction: mechanism and the spectroscopy of far-from-stability nuclei

Heavy ions multinucleonic transfer reaction: mechanism and the spectroscopy of far-from-stability nuclei

Acronym: IDEI_359
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 118 / 01.10.2007
Project Manager: Nicolae Marius Marginean
Partners: -
Starting date / finishing date: 2007-10-01 / 2010-08-05
Project value: 999966 RON
In the frame of complex experiments of gamma and heavy ions spectroscopy, new aspects regarding the mechanism of nuclear reactions in grazing regime, and the structure of neutron-rich exotic nuclei produced in this type of reaction will be investigated. The project will allow the development of our group's activity at the newest European facility dedicated to this type of experiments, PRISMA / CLARA, in use at LN Legnaro (Italy).
The importance of collective and single-particle degrees of freedom in the mechanism of quasi-elastic processes, the transition between quasi-elastic and deep-inelastic regimes, and the importance of evaporative processes will be explored in detail.
In the field of neutron-rich exotic nuclei, the structure evolution at low energies and the collective phenomena in the region of sulfur and iron heavy isotopes will be investigate.
The outstanding performances of PRISMA / CLARA will allow us to do studies that could not be done in the past, particularly addressing the sub-barrier transfer processes.
The proposed studies are needed both to refine modern theoretical models, and to design future experiments using radioactive beams.


1. Gamma spectroscopy studies in the region of Fe heavy isotopes (2007-12-08)
2. Study of nucleonic transfer process in the 94Zr+40Ca reaction at Coulombian sub-barrier energies. Nuclear structure evolution in the region of Sulphur heavy isotopes (2008-10-31)
3. Study of periferal collisions in the 90Zr+208Pb system and the excited states popullated in the final reaction products. Energy partition and particle evaporation following binary reactions in strongly assymetric systems (2009-06-30)
4. High resolution comparative study of periferal collisions in quasi-symmetric and strongly asymmetric systems (2010-08-05)

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