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Project List » Gamma radiation-modulated biotechnologies for application in bioeconomy

Gamma radiation-modulated biotechnologies for application in bioeconomy

Acronym: BIO-GAMMA
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 5 PCCDI / 31.03.2018
Project Manager: Dr. Radu Mihai
Partners: Institutul de Biologie Bucuresti (IBB)
UMF Iuliu Hatieganu, Cluj Napoca (UMF-IH)
ICD pentru Legumicultura si Floricultura, Vidra, Ilfov (ICDLF)
INCD pentru Biotehnologii in Horticultura, Stefanesti, Arges (INCDBH)

Starting date / finishing date: 2018-03-31 / 2021-09-30
Project value: RON
Abstract: The Bio-Gamma complex project proposes, in accordance with the PCCDI2017 program, the institutional development of a representative consortium dedicated to providing conditions for exploiting and improving partners' expertise in the field of gamma irradiation stimulation of bioactive compounds biosynthesis with applications in bioeconomy. Gamma rays-induced cellular stress is proved as a useful tool in manipulating secondary metabolite biosynthesis. By extracting and characterizing them, we can obtain useful compounds for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and special materials industries.
The proposed activities ensure the partners sustainable institutional development and the valorization of their expertise in products, patentable and transferable technologies to the economic end-users. The project targets especially markets with high dynamics, as the ones of food and dietary supplements, thus subserving the priority field of Bioeconomy. Thinking about gamma irradiation as a central pillar, the project is proposed by a consortium of five institutions with complementary expertise and recognized for their scientific performance (two national research institutes, an Romanian Academy institute, a university and a research institute) with a good regional spread: Bucharest, Ilfov, Giurgiu, Arges and Cluj. Two of the institutions are potentially relaunching, and one is a newly built infrastructure. The joint project agenda provides conditions for the development of a collaborative perspective among partners, with a positive impact especially on institutions with a potential for relaunching. Hiring young researchers and assisting them in training courses will lead to an increase in the human resource quality of all consortium members.
Regarding the institutions with the potential for relaunching, it will increase the level of competence and competitiveness, ensuring a consistent institutional development in the future, at both scientific and managerial level.

Objectives: Development of gamma-assisted biotechnologies for the production of various cosmetic, medical and industrial compounds. Creating a sustainable collaboration that exploits the expertise of each partner.

Project 1: Stimulation of hydro-soluble melanin biosynthesis in filamentous fungi by gamma irradiation
Project 2: Use of gamma irradiation for producing economically impacting in vitro plants biotechnologies
Project 3: Scientifically and economically impacting metabolites synthesis stimulation by gamma irradiation of microorganisms
Project 4: Use of gamma irradiation to increase the mycelium growth rate and the quality of cultured yeasts.
Project 5: Bioactive metabolites synthesis stimulation in medicinal plants by gamma irradiation.

1. Stage 1 (2018-12-31) Results
2. Stage 2 (2019-12-31) Results
3. Stage 3 (2020-12-31) Results
4. Stage 4 (2021-09-30) Results


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