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Project List » Nuclear Astrophysics with Indirect-methods and Rare Ion Beams

Nuclear Astrophysics with Indirect-methods and Rare Ion Beams

Acronym: NAIRIB
Contracting Authority: Institutul de Fizica Atomica (IFA)
Number / Date of the contract: PNIII/P5/P5.2 nr. 02/FAIR-RO / 2016-09-16
Project Manager: Livius Trache
Starting date / finishing date: 2016-09-16 / 2019-09-15
Project value: 1440000 RON
Abstract: Nuclear astrophysics (NA) is currently an important part of the scientific program of all large or small, existing or planned, nuclear physics facilities, including FAIR. NA, or more exactly Nuclear Physics for Astrophysics (NPA) aims at providing data and models for the understanding of the origin of chemical elements in the Universe. We are far from having a complete quantitative explanation of the creation of elements, in spite of many successes in the last decades. One of the reasons is that most of the reactions responsible involve unstable nuclei. Therefore, we need to use radioactive ion beams (RIB) for experimental determination of these nuclear data. A few experiments could be done with radioactive targets for situations where the nuclides involved have a reasonably long lifetime and can be produced (7Be, 22Na, ...). However, direct measurements are very difficult even with stable nuclei, due to the very low energies involved ("stars are cold"!) and consequently the very low cross sections. Therefore, most of the reactions involving unstable nuclei are being studied using indirect methods: experiments are done using beams at energies of 10s, 100s MeV/nucleon to extract data to be used for the evaluation of cross sections at NA relevant energies of 10s, 100s of keV/nucleon.

This is the subject of this project: to use RIBs and indirect methods for nuclear astrophysics. FAIR is going to be a top-of-the-line provider of RIBs, but its readiness for experiments as such is beyond the 2016-2019 period. Therefore, in this project the Nuclear Astrophysics Group (NAG) at IFIN-HH proposes a number of preparatory steps for future FAIR experiments:
a) Work at existing RIB facilities, to test the methods, setups and theories involved
b) Design and realization of experimental setups
c) Not in the last and least, the training of young group members (4 students and 1 post-doc).

The Project director (LT), an experimentalist, and the senior researcher involved (FC), a theorist, have a long experience in the field and were part of the initiation and testing of a few indirect methods for NA: the one-nucleon transfer reactions (the ANC method), the nuclear breakup of loosely bound nuclei, β-delayed proton decay (βp). Not only new experiments are needed, but also a careful test of existing and new reaction theories, of codes and of the "ingredients" needed to make reliable calculations (such as the optical model potentials for nucleus-nucleus collisions) will be the focus of the work. International collaborators will be involved, but not financed from this project.

At this moment the few existing RIB facilities in the world are crowded with proposals from the international nuclear physics community and therefore long delays occur from the moment of the proposal to the completion of the experiments. The NAGroup is asking for finances needed to carry a few experiments already approved:
- A set of nuclear and Coulomb breakup experiments with proton-rich nuclei at RIBF of RIKEN, Waco, Japan: 4 related experiments of which one proposed by us (exp. NP1412-SAMURAI29R, spokesperson LT) and 3 in collaboration with colleagues from Japan, US and Hungary.
- Experiments approved at Texas A&M University (βp) and NSCL, MSU (in-flight decay).
New proposals for experiments may and will occur in the 3 years period of the proposal, related to the experience gained and progress made.
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1.  (2016-12-05) Results
2.   (2017-12-05) Results
3.  (2017-12-20)
4.  (2018-07-25) Results
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6.  (2019-09-15) Results
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