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Project List » Development of a measurement and monitoring system for EMP at ELI-NP

Development of a measurement and monitoring system for EMP at ELI-NP

Acronym: MSEMP
Contracting Authority: Institutul de Fizica Atomica (IFA)
Number / Date of the contract: ELI-02 / 2020-10-01
PN-III-P5/Subprogramul 5.1
Project Manager: Dr. Marin Marius Gugiu
Starting date / finishing date: 2020-10-01 / 2023-09-30
Project value: 1087500 RON
Abstract: Experiments with highly intense (over 1020 W/cm2) and powerful laser beams (1PW and above), with ultra-short pulses (tens of fs) are developed rapidly worldwide and are particularly accelerated at the ELI-NP facility. This field of research promises very soon a multitude of discoveries and practical applications. Measurement the unique phenomena produced by the interaction of laser beams with matter is often hampered by problems caused by electromagnetic pulse (EMP). This "side effect" is produced when the pulsed beam of light hits a small target. Mostly, EMP is produced inside the interaction chambers, where it can reach in some conditions impressive values (hundreds or even thousands of kV/m), extending over a very high frequency range (between tens of MHz and THz). It is emitted through ports and wiring outside the interaction chambers, where it is modified by reflection and absorption processes in different structures encountered. The semiconductor devices in the equipment within the interaction chamber and the surrounding rooms are susceptible to damage and malfunction caused by voltages induced by EMP in circuits. They must be protected or removed from the EMP source. Signals from experimental diagnoses are degraded by EMP pick-up. It is also necessary to ensure that the level of EMP in occupied areas outside the experimental area is safe for personnel. In order to protect sensitive equipment and especially human beings, we will develop in the framework of the current project a complex EMP measurement and monitoring system at ELI-NP. Two research teams with long experience in the field synergize their efforts in order to develop the methodology for studying the mechanisms of EMP generation in the experimental conditions of ELI-NP. The IFIN-HH group, as coordinator, has a long experience in designing diagnostics and performing high-intensity laser-matter and high-energy density physics experiments and nuclear physics laser driven experiment robust to electromagnetic interference in ionizing and non-ionizing radiation environments. The group from SC UPC PILOT ARM, with the quality of partner, is made up of experienced researchers, who have developed over the years a good knowledge of numerical modeling in the field of physics and designing complex systems. Their competencies include: production and transmission of EMP in dielectric and conductive media, modeling the propagation of electromagnetic waves in cavities and EMP shielding. The research program of the project is extended over a period of three years and includes alongside the realization of the system for measuring EMP, the development of analytical and numerical models suitable for understanding the main components (sources) of EMP generated in experiments with lasers at ELI-NP and the propagation of electromagnetic radiation inside and outside of experimental chambers. We aimed to perform measurements to characterize the EMP produced at ELI-NP in different experimental configurations, with a wide variety of target types and sizes and parameters of the laser beams, in order to validate the models being developed and establish correlations with the energetic and spatial distributions of electrons emitted from ionized laser targets. The knowledge gained will be directly applied in the technical solutions and practices for shielding and mitigating the effects of EMP on nuclear diagnoses used in the experiments proposed at the ELI-NP facility, in the context of the EMP shielding strategy adopted here.

  • Development of a Measurement and Monitoring System for Electromagnetic Pulses (MSEMP). Modeling the generation and propagation of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the experimental enclosures of the ELI-NP laser.
  • Development of analytical and numerical simulation models of main EMP generation mechanisms.
  • EMP experimental measurements.
  • EMP experimental data analysis.



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