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Project List » Imaging by coherent transition radiation of high intensity focused laser pulses

Imaging by coherent transition radiation of high intensity focused laser pulses

Acronym: CTRimag-HILP
Contracting Authority: Institutul de Fizica Atomica (IFA)
Number / Date of the contract: ELI-11 / 2020-10-01
PN-III-P5/Subprogramul 5.1
Project Manager: Dr. Julien Fuchs
Partners: National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR)
Starting date / finishing date: 2020-10-01 / 2023-09-30
Project value: 991275 RON
Abstract: The goal of the CTRImag-HILP project is to implement and test an optical setup for the direct measurement of the high-intensity laser pulses with peak power up to 10 PW, focused in gas and solid targets, based on Coherent Transition Radiation (CTR) imaging, emitted by the hot electrons that exit the target into the high vacuum of the interaction chambers at ELI-NP. The optical setup for CTR transport, will be used in the first experiments at E5 chamber, for on-shot imaging of the focal spot in thin solid targets, for direct measurement of the focused laser pulse intensity. This optical system will allow not only to easily infer the properties of the laser-accelerated electrons, but also to image the spatial distribution of the laser focal spot at full power (in the PW regime). The diagnostic for focal spot imaging can be easily implemented at all envisioned levels of laser pulse powers that will be used for the experiments with solid targets at ELI-NP and CETAL, namely from 0.1 PW to 10 PW.

  • The measurement of the spectral distribution of CTR in the broad spectral range 270 - 820 nm using the KYMERA 328i spectrograph and a diffraction grating with 100 lines/mm.
  • The imaging of the high-power laser pulse focal spot through the collection, transport and detection of CTR with the low noise (PCO EDGE) camera, using a telescope (with the two confocal system of lenses L1 and L2),
  • Far field measurements of the laser beam profile, using a BASLER CCD camera and a lens.
  • The calculation of the divergence and energy of the micro-bunches of hot electrons accelerated in plasma by the focused laser pulses with intensities between 1018 and 1022 W/cm2, from the images collected with PCO EDGE camera.
  • The estimation of the contribution of different plasma heating mechanisms, from CTR spectral analysis.

    RESULTS [Project Activity Report]

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