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Project List » AMS analyses of concentrations of hydrogen isotopes and other elements in tiles dismounted from the Toroidal Pump Limiter at Tore Supra Tokamak

AMS analyses of concentrations of hydrogen isotopes and other elements in tiles dismounted from the Toroidal Pump Limiter at Tore Supra Tokamak

Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: C2-04 / 2012-03-01
Capacitati Modul III
Project Manager: Enachescu Mihaela (Ro); Eric Gautier (Fr)
Partners: CEA Cadarache, DSM, IRFM
Starting date / finishing date: 2012-03-01 / 2015-02-28
Project value: 540000 RON
Abstract: Since the last nuclear incident in Japan the need of a much more secure nuclear energy reactor based on fusion became an imperative task of our days. Tore Supra is an outstanding Tokamak working on this goal and as many other large fusion faculties in the world is employing over 100 diagnose tools to accomplish this task. Out of these Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) has significantly risen to the level of supremacy of its kind contributing to a more sensitive diagnose and analyses of particle transport studies, erosion deposition studies, characterisation of plasma facing components and dust, plasma confinement and detachment, etc. AMS is a powerful and modern analysing method that was applied at JET and ASDEX-Upgrade but, unfortunately, not yet applied at Tore Supra. AMS, totally opposite but complementary to the classical techniques, is not detecting the radioactive agents by their emitted radiation (α, β, γ), but it selects and counts them individually, one by one, each radioactive atom. The AMS method has the highest analyzing sensitivity known today, which is 10-15 (ratio: isotope/element). This sensitivity is equivalent with the real possibility to select and register one single type of atom from a million of billions of other types of atoms. The main objective of this project is to study the particle accumulation in the Toroidal Pump Limiter at Tore Supra. Since this assembly is removing the most of the emitted particles during the fusion discharges the AMS analysis of concentration depth profiling of different elements would provide interesting information not only about particle transport and erosion deposition but will reveal also information about the fusion efficiency during the tokamak discharges. We will analyze by AMS samples cut from tiles dismounted from the toroidal pump limiter, located in the centre of the limiter. These samples were exposed to the plasma discharges in the Tore Supra and AMS will determine the deuterium concentration depth profile and the deposition of other elements on the surface. The poloidal distribution of particle retention on the limiter will also be studied. The samples will be cut from locations on tiles situated in radial direction. Further on, dust from Tore Supra and JET will be measured. Another important part of the project will be dedicated to the elemental deposition studies on the protection tiles. By use of AMS and of other conventional methods the element deposition on tiles from the toroidal pump limiter at Tore Supra will be determined.




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