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Project List » Creation of national standards for some emerging pharmaceutical radionuclides to ensure the radioprotection of patients and medical staffs

Creation of national standards for some emerging pharmaceutical radionuclides to ensure the radioprotection of patients and medical staffs

Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: C2-05 / 2012-03-01
Capacitati Modul III
Project Manager: Aurelian Luca (IFIN-HH/DRMR, LMR, Romania), Thierry Branger (CEA/DRT/L
Partners: CEA/DRT/LIST, Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel (LNHB), Saclay, France
Starting date / finishing date: 2012-03-01 / 2015-02-28
Project value: 600000 RON
Abstract: The objectives of the research project are: 1. Approach of the radionuclides of mutual interest, used for targeted therapy or diagnosis: 186Re, 82Sr-82Rb, 177Lu, 90Y. 2. Common measurements to obtain primary standards of these radionuclides, by using absolute standardization methods: the LSC-TDCR liquid-scintillation counting, the 4 pi beta-gamma coincidence and the calorimetry technique. 3. Delivery of an ampoule containing the same nuclide to the BIPM for participation to the international System of References (SIR) in order to create or improve the international Key Comparison Reference Value (KCRV). 4. Theoretical and experimental studies to improve or determine the nuclear decay scheme data of these nuclides, important for the dose calculations. A new decay scheme will be established in the framework of the international co-operation "Decay Data Evaluation Project" (DDEP). The NUCLEIDE database ( will be updated. 5. Creation of secondary standards through the Ionization Chambers (IC) or gamma spectrometry (GS) instruments which can be easily transferred to the nuclear medicine services in hospitals. 6. Dissemination of the results obtained, by common participation in international conferences / workshops and publishing articles in international ISI-quoted journals. The working plan has the following steps: 1. Purchase, assembling, testing and calibrating of a new X-ray spectrometric system at IFIN-HH (delivery date: 30.11.2012). 2. Study of the radionuclides 186Re and 177Lu: purchase of radioactive solutions, documentation, common activity measurements and comparisons, nuclear data measurements and evaluation, reporting and writing articles for journal publishing (30.11.2013). 3. Common measurements of 82Sr-82Rb and 90Y at CEA/DRT/LIST, LNHB (France). Organization of an international workshop by IFIN-HH (30.11.2014). 4. Writing a common paper for publication. The final report of the project (28.02.2015). The most important estimated results of the project are: - the elaboration of several scientific papers presented in international conferences and published in ISI-quoted scientific journals. - the implementation of the national and international activity traceability chains for the studied radionuclides. - new nuclear decay data evaluations for three radionuclides, participation to the international databases. Regarding the foreseen impact of the project, there are several aspects to be mentioned: - Scientific impact: papers to be published and presented in international conferences, new nuclear data for international databases; -Technological impact: establishment of the metrological activity traceability chains for new radionuclides of medical use. - Educational impact: training of two young Romanian researchers at CEA/DRT/LIST, LNHB, France. - For both laboratories, the economic impact results in the possibility to calibrate the activity measurement installations (radionuclide calibrators) from the hospitals in both countries; support and metrological traceability to some radiopharmaceuticals producers will be provided. - The social impact will consist in improving the efficiency of the radioprotection methods in hospitals, by allowing precise measurements and accurate evaluation of the irradiation doses for patients and medical personnel. The completion of the project will reinforce the collaboration between IFIN-HH and CEA/DRT/LIST, LNHB, both bilateral and international (such as European Metrology Research Programme - EURAMET EMRP A169). The web page of the project is: The RO and FR project leaders are: Dr. Aurelian Luca (IFIN-HH, Romania) and Dr. Thierry Branger (CEA/DRT/LIST, LNHB, France).


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