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Project List » Hot compact stars with exotic particle degrees of freedom: properties, stability, thermal evolution

Hot compact stars with exotic particle degrees of freedom: properties, stability, thermal evolution

Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: PCE 79 / 09.02.2021

Project Manager: Adriana Raduta
Starting date / finishing date: 2021-01-04 / 2023-12-31
Project value: 1196651 RON
Abstract: We aim to construct equations of state (EoS) for neutron stars (NS) at non-zero temperature within the covariant density functional theory. In addition to the full baryonic octet we shall account for the Delta(1232) resonance states of the baryonic J3/2 decouplet. Uncertainties in the nucleonic sector at extreme values of isoscalar and isovector densities, will be accounted for by considering a collection of parametrizations that sample the presently available parameter space. Couplings of the hyperons to nucleons will be calibrated based on spectroscopic data of hypernuclei. Properties (mass, radii, moment of inertia, quadrupole moment, tidal deformability, binding energy, etc.) of hot (Delta-admixed) non-rotating and rotating hypernuclear stars will be investigated under diverse thermodynamic conditions. The (in)stability domains of non-accreting and accreting NS with respect to collapse into a black hole will be considered together with their EoS-dependence. Having recently proved that universal, i.e. EoS-independent, scaling of non-rotating and slowly rotating stars holds also at finite temperature we shall investigate to what extent this remains true at the mass shedding limit. Information on composition of NS inner core will be infered from simulations of cooling and heating of isolated NS and NS in X-ray transients, accounting for the most advanced models of stratified atmosphere and pairing gaps. Rotation or late heating effects will be considered.

Objectives: Construction of new finite-temperature equations of state (EoSs) applicable to core-collapse supernovae and binary neutron stars mergers; properties of static, slowly rotating and rapidly rotating hot compact objects; correlations among observables characterizing static and, respectively, rapidly rotating configurations; stability against collapse into a black hole and the role of nuclear matter parameters; the impact of exotic degrees of freedom (hyperons and Delta resonances); universal scaling laws; possible applications; thermal evolution of neutron stars; further development of existing models; further constraints on the nuclear EoS

1. Equations of state with exotic particle degrees of freedom (2021-12-31)
2. Hot compact stars (2022-12-31)
3. Thermal evolution of neutron stars (2023-12-31)
RESULTS [Project Activity Report]

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