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Project List » From a promising method to a deeper understading of deuteron-induced reactions

From a promising method to a deeper understading of deuteron-induced reactions

Acronym: Protodeep
Contracting Authority: UEFISCDI
Number / Date of the contract: PN-III-ID-PCE-2021-0642 /
PN-III-P4 Cercetare fundamentala si de frontiera
Project Manager: Marilena Avrigeanu
Starting date / finishing date: 2022-06-01 / 2025-02-28
Project value: 1200000 RON
Abstract: The status of deuteron-induced reactions is confidently outlined by Cowen et al. (Rev. Mod. Phys. 93, 15002, 2021) has included IFIN-HH proper account by paying due attention to the deuteron breakup (BU) and direct reactions (DR) overlooked previously, and genuine theoretical level of current microscopic approaches. Moreover, while recent basic studies either concluded that numerical calculations for these reactions are beyond current capabilities, or used handy data fit, our promising method already provided a consistent account of available deuteron-activation data for all stable isotopes of Al, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zr, and Nb. Further advance is aimed now, too, by analysis of inelastic BU through the extended eikonal theory and Continuum-Discretized Coupled-Channels (CDCC) formalism, at energies above the current parameterizations. An overall account of deuteron BU and DRs is then concerned besides the pre-equilibrium (PE) and compound nucleus (CN) mechanisms, followed by involvement of BU+DR+PE+CN processes within updated computer codes and unitary use of input parameters

Objectives: Overall, this proposal aims, in addition to previous results and concurring the actual trend in the field, at further improvements of the theoretical description of deuteron interactions with nuclei that could be validated only by suitable description of experimental data. Actually, even the total reaction cross sections of deuterons are less accurately described since, unlike the nucleon case, there are no global optical model potentials (OMP) able to describe sufficiently well the scattering data over a wide range of nuclei and energies. Therefore a simultaneous analysis of the deuteron elastic scattering and induced activation appears essential for a consistent input of nuclear model assessment. In fact, a prime interest for the deuteron OMP parameters is motivated by their further use within estimation of most of the deuteron reaction cross sections. Then, usually neglected or very poorly taken into account, the stripping (d,p) and (d,n) and the pick-up (d,t) reaction description is still an open question. On the whole, the present project intends a deeper understanding of all above-mentioned problems of deuteron interactions, all together and consistently with better-known PE+CN. However, while the associated theoretical models for stripping, pick-up, PE and CN are already settled, increased attention should concern the BU-mechanism theoretical description. The recently increased interest on the theoretical analysis of BU components may lead eventually to the refinement of the deuteron BU parametrization and increased accuracy of the deuteron activation cross section calculations. Nevertheless, the improvement of the deuteron BU description requires, beyond its own data basis increase, also complementary analyses of (d,px) and (n,x), as well as (d,nx) and (p,x) reaction cross sections for the same target nucleus, within corresponding incident-energy ranges. Following the eventual achievements of this project as well as in order to additionally check them, setting up of well-documented proposals for further measurements is also planne. There are concerned in this respect, in addition to the current measurements, forthcoming experiments at GANIL/SPIRAL2.

1. PCE-2021 Project Proposal as generated by UDIManager; , Project No. 148 (2021-07-06) Results
2. OpenPosition_MsC-PhD_ASC_PCE-2021-0642 (2022-05-27) Results
3. Deuteron-BU model improvement and consistent analysis of reaction mechanisms within deuteron interactions with 98,100Mo stable isotopes at energies up to 50 MeV (2022-12-31) Results
4. Deuteron-BU model improvement and consistent analysis of reaction mechanisms within deuteron interactions with 95-97Mo stable isotopes at energies up to 50 MeV (2023-12-31) Results
5. Comparative model analysis of deuteron-induced direct reaction excitation functions on 92,94,natMo at incident energies up to 50 MeV (2025-02-28)
RESULTS [Project Activity Report]

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