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Project List » From seniority regime to collective behavior in Po isotopes

From seniority regime to collective behavior in Po isotopes

Acronym: SEREVIO
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: TE 67/2018 / 2018-05-02

Project Manager: Sorin Pascu
Starting date / finishing date: 2018-05-02 / 2020-04-30
Project value: 450000 RON
Abstract: The present project aims at investigating the transition from the seniority regime to the collective motion in the case of Po isotopes. The behavior of the transition probabilities in the two regions is completely opposite and therefore, represents a clear signature which allows one to distinguish between the two types of structure and to identify the microscopic structure of different excited states. In order to deduce the transition probabilities in atomic nuclei, one needs the lifetime of the excited states as a principal ingredient. These observables are very difficult to measure since usually the levels have lifetimes situated in the range below nanosecond. To perform such sensitive investigations, we plan to use the in-beam fast-timing method developed in our laboratory and a combination of HPGe and LaBr3:Ce detectors available in IFIN-HH. The method allows for lifetime measurements in a broad range and is perfectly suited for investigations in the region of Po isotopes. This ambitious task represents the goal of the present project and will allow revealing the nature of the structure in exotic nuclei. In addition, it will allow testing of different state-of-the-art theoretical models employed in the last years to interpret the structure of Po nuclei. These models are giving contradictory predictions and it is an open question which one, if any, truly describes the experimental situation in this region. All the new data determined from the experiment will be compiled and prepared to be included in the largest database of nuclear physics, the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File. Providing data in this format has the advantage to deliver the best values for different properties in nuclear structure.


1. Experimental study of lifetimes of excited states in 206Po (2018-12-31)
2. Lifetime measurements in 202Po and 204Po (2019-12-31)
3. Interpretation of experimental results with different theoretical models and compilation of the obtained data in the ENSDF format (2020-04-03)
RESULTS [Project Activity Report]

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