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Project List » A Multivariate Bayesian Updating Simulator based on Quantum Correlated Gamma Radiation

A Multivariate Bayesian Updating Simulator based on Quantum Correlated Gamma Radiation

Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 426PED / 2020-11-27

Project Manager: Rares Suvaila
Starting date / finishing date: 2020-11-27 / 2022-11-25
Project value: 600000 RON
Abstract: In the context of the second quantum revolution, the present project is meant to respond the need of extending the field of quantum technologies to photons of high energy. It uses resources as quantum correlations and entanglement, which are ideally available for annihilation photons. The usual tools for quantum experiments (low energy) are not applicable, consequently we have to use effects which are typical to the keV-MeV range, as the Compton scatter, in order to manipulate the gamma photons. The instrument we propose is versatile, the most interesting application being the use as a simulator that enables correlating events and coincidences wich obey to classic statistics to ones that scale in a quantum manner. The updating principle relies on Bayesian analysis. Theoretical calculations and Monte Carlo simulations play a very important role in our project, for experimental efficiency, distributions and radiation safety. Nevertheless, it is an experimental project meant to demonstrate a quantum gamma tool in the laboratory, its utility and applications, together with the ionizing radiation risk mitigation. This quantum instrument, which is to be miniaturized in the future, is expected to be useful in a variety of fields, like communication, security, space, industry, medicine, or military-like applications. The idea is supported by a highly skilled team that includes leading experts in the area, an internationally recognized state of the art infrastructure, worldwide demonstrated building blocks and our own preliminary results.

Objectives: The aim of the project is to design, construct and demonstrate a tool for manipulating gamma photons. This enables communication, simulation, imaging and so on. In all instances the key operation is information transfer. The radiation has well-defined energies, depending on nuclear structure (and scattering angles if such is the case), good simultaneity (ensured by the extremely short lifetimes of nuclear states), and (partially) encoded polarization. A simulator is an essential device in any area of research. Nevertheless, here we have to consider we deal with ionizing radiation, which means we have to respect all constraints and regulations related to radiation hazard. Consequently, the design and construction must take this into account, for work in a secure environment is also part of our objective.

1.  (2020-12-31)
2.  (2021-06-30)
3.  (2021-12-31)
4.  (2022-11-25)
RESULTS [Project Activity Report]

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