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Project List » Experimental and theoretical studies of exotic nuclei at ISOLDE

Experimental and theoretical studies of exotic nuclei at ISOLDE

Acronym: EXONTEX
Contracting Authority: Institutul de Fizica Atomica (IFA)
Number / Date of the contract: / 2020-03-10

Project Manager: Dr. Constantin Mihai
Starting date / finishing date: 2020-03-10 / 2021-12-31
Project value: 3081000 RON
Abstract: The goal of the present project is the support of the Romanian participation to the ISOLDE/CERN, an experimental facility dedicated to the production of radioactive ion beams (RIB), chronologically the first installation of this kind in the world, which has proven, along the years, to be one of the most prolific from the point of view of the scientific output. The scientific focus of the group of Romanian physicists collaborating at ISOLDE is well integrated in a more general context at European level, where the study of the structure of atomic nuclei is expected to get a boost from the major investment projects in the field like FAIR in Germany, SPIRAL2 in France or, more recent, ELI-NP in Romania. There is a very good overlap between the physics that can be done at ISOLDE and the 9MV TANDEM laboratory of IFIN-HH regarding nuclear structure studies. There is also a significant gain for both sides from the two-way exchange of experimental techniques and technical solutions. The best example in this sense represents the highlight of the Romanian contribution to the facility, namely the leading role in the construction and operation of the ISOLDE Decay Station (IDS) with a large Romanian contribution in equipment, manpower and expertise. IDS is currently one of the most recent permanent setups within ISOLDE dedicated to the measurement of the decay properties of radioactive species important for nuclear structure, astrophysics and nuclear engineering. The main scientific objectives of the Romanian group collaborating at ISOLDE are the experimental investigation and theoretical understanding of exotic nuclei, which are accessible at this radioactive beam facility. The program has two distinctive parts, independent one from the other, but complementary in covering the major research direction of the facility. The experimental activity will focus mainly on coordinating and contributing with technical expertise, manpower and detectors to all the upgrade actions of IDS in order to maximize its versatility and reliability and, after the LS2 when ISOLDE resumes operation, we plan to continue our research program through nuclear structure experiments, taking advantage of the experience acquired and the consistent investments made in experimental equipment until now. Another important activity included in the project is to finalize the data analysis and publish the results from experiments performed between 2014 - 2018 for which our group is responsible (IS608: 213Fr) or its members are spokespersons (IS590: 68Fe-Ni, IS530: 34Si and IS650: 214,216,218Po). On the theoretical side, one of the main goals is the investigation of shape coexistence and mixing, changes in structure for small variations of the number of nucleons of proton-rich as well as neutron-rich medium mass nuclei in the A~70 and A~100 mass region, respectively. The second goal is the self-consistent description of Gamow-Teller strength distributions of nuclei relevant for the astrophysical rp-process and r-process. Furthermore, a formalism will be developed for the first forbidden beta decay which will be implemented in the VAMPIR codes. This project represents the natural continuation of the previous ISOLDE support project that helped to establish Romania as a very reliable and active member of the ISOLDE collaboration at CERN


1. Upgrades of the ISOLDE Decay Station setup and study of shape isomers and beta decay strength distributions in medium mass nuclei (0000-00-00)
2. Beta-decay studies of nuclei far from stability at the ISOLDE Decay Station and investigation of coexistence phenomena in medium mass nuclei (0000-00-00)


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