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YAP:Ce Heavy Ions Detector for CRYRING

Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: FAIR-07 / 2020-11-16
Project Manager: Mihai Straticiuc
Starting date / finishing date: 2020-11-16 / 2023-11-16
Project value: 1800000 RON
Abstract: CRYRING operation and experiment have specific requests for the ion detection implying: radiation hardness, high counting rate (up to MHz), short response time for coincident measurements (high precision x-ray and laser spectroscopy) and compatibility with ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environment. For the ring specific energies of the ions circulating processes like electron capture as well as the electron loss must be considered in the interaction with electronic and atomic targets and, consequently, both kinds of ions, up-charged and down-charged must be detected. The detectors for such ions should be placed on both sides of the ring: the inner and outer side, taking into account also that the ring acceptance and rigidity do not permit to detect all ion species in the same place. For ions of different Z and charge state the distance from the separation dipole magnet to the detection point will be different. The ultra-high vacuum environment does not permit the exchange of the detectors position along the ring from one experiment to the other and for a completely equipped ring the experiments will need 12 particle detectors to cover all possible detection positions, distributed in the ring sections after the electron-cooler and the jet target. The performance of the detectors should be: high counting rate, radiation hardness, fast time response, position sensitivity depending mainly on the type of experiments (ion–electron, ion–photon and ion-atom interactions).
This ion detection system based on a scintillator connected to a photomultiplier, with a special UVH-to-atmosphere coupling system and mounted on a fast moving actuator will be commissioned at the end of the project at CRYRING. To complete the detector construction and testing the project includes a series of activities such as: upgrading the current detector testing chamber to be compatible with UHV; refitting the vacuum system with baking strips and UHV vacuum gauge with an ionic pump; upgrading the detector head with UHV compatible materials; replacing the current aluminium body with LN316 steel, replacing current insulating materials with alumina or borosilicate glass; replacement of current power and signal wires with high vacuum compatible ones; tests of the upgraded detector head with radiation sources (241Am, 60Co and 137Cs) inside the testing chamber, while under UHV and high temperature and with alpha particles from (MV Tandem accelerator; testing the total efficiency of the entire detection system.
Finally the detector system will be tested at CRYRING in order to optimize the working parameters and for commissioning.




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