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Project List » Towards accurate cross section measurements by developing new methods for characterisation of the γ-ray beam at ELI-NP

Towards accurate cross section measurements by developing new methods for characterisation of the γ-ray beam at ELI-NP

Contracting Authority: Institutul de Fizica Atomica (IFA)
Number / Date of the contract: ELI-06 / 2020-10-01
PN-III-P5/Subprogramul 5.1
Project Manager: Dr. Catalin Matei
Partners: University Politehnica of Bucharest
Starting date / finishing date: 2020-10-01 / 2023-09-30
Project value: 702166 RON
Abstract: This project aims to expand and improve the γ-ray beam characterization methods described in the TDR "Gamma beam delivery and diagnostics at ELI-NP" (GSD/1.2, GSD/1.3). Within this project, we propose to develop new techniques to be used with the instruments presented in the TDR to achieve real-time measurement of the γ-ray beam energy and intensity. This project also aims to develop new detectors for gamma-beam diagnostics in collaboration with the University Politehnica of Bucharest. The ELI_GAMMA_ACCURATE project combines the Polymer Science Department's expertise from University Politehnica of Bucharest in novel polymerization techniques with the expertise in nuclear physics available at ELI-NP to deliver new opportunities for detector development for γ-ray beam characterization. Moreover, equipment and facilities of ELI-NP and Polymer Science Department from University Politehnica of Bucharest will be employed in all necessary tests for the preparation and testing phases of this project.
The project's secondary goal is to contribute to the measurement of photonuclear charged particle reactions (γ,p) and (γ,α) cross-sections for nuclear astrophysics (GDE/1.4, GDE/1.6). The ELI-NP TDR "Charge Particle Detection at ELI-NP" highlights several (γ,p) and (γ,?) reactions with implications in a wide range of astrophysical scenarios, from Big Bang nucleosynthesis to explosive burning in the last stage of a massive star existence, to the elusive p-process nucleosynthesis.

  • Detector development and prototyping for gamma beam diagnosis. Using the plastic scintillators (polystyrene and deuterated-polystyrene based scintillators) synthesized in this project we will test new methods for measuring the γ-ray beam intensity. The prototype will be tested in various laboratory environments using different types of γ-ray sources: particle-induced monoenergetic gamma rays as well as Laser Compton Source γ-ray beams.
  • Develop dedicated algorithms for online characterization of γ-ray beam energy and intensity. The algorithms will use the pattern recognition and classification abilities of the artificial neural networks for histogram and waveform analysis of the gamma and neutron detector's response.
  • Formation and training of students and post-doctoral fellows for the operation of diagnostics instruments for VEGA System



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