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Project List » Applications of Weyl symmetry to physics beyond the Standard Model

Applications of Weyl symmetry to physics beyond the Standard Model

Acronym: BSMW
Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Number / Date of the contract: 237/2021 / 2021-04-01

Project Manager: Dumitru Ghilencea
Starting date / finishing date: 2021-04-01 / 2024-04-01
Project value: RON
Abstract: The Standard Model (SM) of particle physics is currently our best model and is agreed to be a low-energy limit of a more fundamental, unknown theory. With no sign of TeV-supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Collider, physics beyond SM is at a turning point when new, unconventional ideas are desperately needed. Nature points us to a symmetry organising principle acting at large and small scales, known as self-affinity or discrete scale symmetry, familiar in fractals geometry, while SM with vanishing Higgs mass also has scale symmetry. The general aim of the project is to study the physics beyond SM and Einstein gravity, based on new, unconventional ideas of quantum scale invariance and gauged scale symmetry (Weyl gauge symmetry). These are natural in Weyl geometry which also defines Weyl quadratic gravity and which is different from the (pseudo)Riemannian geometry of Einstein gravity in which all studies beyond SM were done in the past. Weyl gauge symmetry is broken spontaneously by a Stueckelberg mechanism, the Weyl "photon" becomes massive, decouples, and Einstein gravity is elegantly recovered as a broken phase of Weyl gravity, while Weyl geometry becomes Riemannian. This gives an intriguing geometric interpretation to mass generation. The project will explain the origin of mass scales in the theory (Planck scale, Higgs mass) and study the ultraviolet behaviour and the phenomenological implications, in a framework that brings together physics beyond SM, gravity and geometry.

Objectives: The aim is to study physics beyond the Standard Model (SM) based on new, unconventional ideas of quantum scale invariance and gauged scale symmetry (Weyl gauge symmetry) in the framework of Weyl conformal geometry, where this symmetry is natural. The project addresses theoretical and phenomenological aspects at the interplay of particle theory, gravity and geometry. The project will investigate the following topics/directions of research:

1) Section C2 [1]: Physics Beyond the SM and Einstein gravity with Weyl gauge symmetry.
2) Section C2 [2]: Quantum corrections and ultraviolet behaviour in Weyl geometry
3) Section C2 [3]: Implications for cosmology of models with Weyl symmetry

RESULTS [Project Activity Report]

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